Alumnae Journal: Distribute a monthly copy of newsletter to members informing of Delta related activities at the local, state, regional and national levels (Contact Tomoka Love)

Arts and Letters: Stimulate interest and educate the chapter and the community in the area of arts and letters. Coordinate programs and projects such as Children’s Reading Hour, Annual Delta Choir Concert and Visual and Performing Arts (Contact Teresa Patton/LaTonya Mumpfield/Elizabeth Bowden)

Courtesy: Extend expressions to sorors during illness, death, marriage, births, degrees, relocation, guest visits, retirements and catastrophic occurrences (Contact Liz Smith/Bert Mathews)

Delta Academy: Mentoring program for girls ages 11-14 to foster a personal self-image, wholesome attitudes towards school work, respect for authority, creativity, critical thinking, interpersonal and social skills, and oral and written communication (Contact Rashanda Kennamore/LaToya Eggelston)

Economic Development: Activities related to financial planning, money management, consumer education, investment and economic empowerment (Contact Rosalynne Strickland/Jannie Bonner)

EMBODI: Collaborating with other local organizations to promote programs for African American males ages (Contact Shanay Lewis/Tammy Williams)

External Communications Committee: Report all chapter news to national Delta publications and to local news media, ensure that photos are taken at all chapter events, document and maintain all news items and photos (Contact Evon Webster)

Founders Day: Plan and carry out activities and program to commemorate the founding of the sorority (Contact Agnes Holley smith/Leslie Lee)

Fundraising: Create and implement fundraising opportunities for the chapter (Contact Valarie King)

GEMS: Mentoring program for girls ages 14-18 which will provide academic, cultural, social and heritage education (Contact Deuntra Gordon/Wendy Woods/Veronica Jones)

Heritage and Archives: Record and preserve the history of our chapter on the local, state regional and national level (Contact Debra Wells)

Honors Day: Recognize annually students who achieve academically and the educators who have made significant contributions to the field of education (Contact Pamela McDonald/Michelle Hankins)

Internal Development: Training and development of chapter officers and members to improve interpersonal skills, and increase knowledge and understanding of the mission and goals of the sorority (Contact Courtney Hamilton/Sorita Wherry)

International Awareness and Involvement: Annual activities based upon the needs of the community we serve (Contact Sharifa Wip/Sandra Frierson)

Membership: Develop and provide programs that promote the retention and reclamation of membership and seek to integrate into the life of the chapter recent college graduates (Contact Monica Phipps-Stewart/Remika Garrett)

Pan Hellenic Council: serve as a liaison between chapter and the local Pan Hellenic Council (Contact Monday Salandy)

Physical and Mental Health: Facilitate the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of sorors and the community we serve (Contact Kimberly Harris/Shena Ivey)

Program Planning and Development: Evaluate chapter projects and programs and make recommendations and compile an annual schedule or calendar of program activities for the chapter (Contact Jackie Perry/Phyllene Washington)

Protocol: Ensure that the chapter observes an adhere to the protocol and traditions of the sorority (Contact Gladys Branch/Laura Clift)

Ritual and Ceremonies: Ensure that the chapter observes an adhere to the rituals and ceremonies of the sorority (Contact Chandra Robinson/Desiree Williams)

Scholarship: Recommend the approval of deserving students to receive the annual chapter college scholarships (Contact Jayne Johnson-Gold/Alesia Baskin)

Social Action: Provide information and direction to the membership on current civil and human rights issues and voter registration. (Contact Mary Moore)

Technology Committee: Chapter directory. Inform members via email of chapter activities and develop and maintain chapter web site (Contact Pat King/Rosie Landers).

DELTA Inc.: A 501 (c) (3) organization established to support and enhance Huntsville Alumnae Chapter’s (HAC) efforts and presence in the community.  The foundation provides assistance and resources to HAC committees for projects or activities that support charitable, educational, cultural, technological, economical, and scientific development programs.  Programs of special interest are those that target the needs of underserved individuals and groups. (Contact Phyllene Washington)